Fun Links

Fun Links

Whether you’re visiting from near or far, with your family on vacation, or passing through the Grand Valley, there is plenty to discover in Downtown Grand Junction. During your time in Downtown, enjoy the shaded streets lined with our prized collection of public art, street performances, varieties of entertainment, and flowers that bloom nearly year round. Downtown is the hub of creativity and local culture with unique restaurants, locally owned shops, art galleries, experiential and interactive stores, multiple entertainment venues, a wide range of services, and a large showcase of sculpture art, murals, and other various displays.

Not only is Downtown the primary gathering place for the community, it is home to countless free public events throughout the year, including the annual Grand Junction Off-Road/Downtown Music Festival (May 17-19), the Market on Main every Thursday evening (June 20 – Sept.12), the Downtown Car Show (Sept. 21), and many others throughout the year and during the holidays.

Enjoy your time in Downtown Grand Junction; we’re happy you’re here.

Western Slope Living cover

All about living in Western Colorado – stories about people, education and industry, health, group projects, western sloping outdoor adventures, and a photo contest!

Dive into this edition…. and go have fun!

Tour & Taste Mag Cover

Need some ideas about where to go on a motorcycle? The Daily Sentinel’s Vacationland magazine is loaded with ideas for scenic tours and great food finds!

Dive into this edition…. and go have fun!


Need some ideas about where to take your new RV? The Daily Sentinel’s Vacationland magazine is loaded with ideas for travel, camping, and activities for the whole family! Dive into this edition…. and go have fun!

Senior Resources

All the resources you need for Grand Junction for health,
fitness, clubs, activities, and education.

Voted the best Winefest in the nation by USA Today!

It’s all about Hunting in Colorado. Read up on the latest equipment, safety, stories of hunts and more!

Ride Magazine

Mesa County has some of the best mountain biking,
road biking, bikes paths and dirt trails for every level
of cyclist. If you are new to town or just need a good
ideas of where to ride, this is a comprehensive look
at cycling in the valley!
Get your helmet and get out there!

The Nickel Our Backyard

Find out what’s in our surrounding backyard.
Climbing, Golf, Festivals, calendar of events…..